mpotiliaThe devices (P.V) are currently placed at the top of the technological development of mobile water deionization devices not only in Greece but in other countries as well. The quality-performance-value connection makes these devices (P.V) the best solution for every professional using deionized water.

Our technical support department provides full use of your investment. The AFTER SALES SERVICE service can fully cover the maintenance needs of your unit and provide you with any technical assistance.

They carry an indicative electronic conductivity meter for continuous control of deionized water, but also for finding saturation. They are capable of retaining all the dissolved salts. That is:

  • NaCl
  • CaCl2
  • MgCl2
  • NaHCO3
  • Ca(HCO3)2
  • Mg(HCO3)2
  • Na2SO4
  • CaSO4
  • MgSO4
  • Na2SO3
  • CaCO3
  • Mg(NO3)2
  • FeSO4
  • MgSO4
  • Sio2CaSio3
    As well as traces of Fe, Cu, etc.


Pressure deionizers provide instantly deionized water of high DIS and TRIS distilled with a resistivity up to 3.000.000 Ω/cm. without power only with network pressure. The flow rate is 400 liters per hour (max.), and the performance in deionized water 400 liters until regeneration.


Pressure deionizers are ideal where medium consumption is required in deionized water. They can also be used at high pressures due to their high strength. Their applications are mainly in: Hospitals – Pharmaceutical Laboratories – Pharmaceutical Industries – Research Laboratories – Microbiological Laboratories – Cosmetic Factories – Drinking Factories – Chemical Laboratories etc.




The quality of the deionized water produced by the devices (P.V) is constantly controlled using a conductivity meter (CONDUCTIVITY INDICATOR BC 404-11) that accompanies each device. So the professional knows and controls at all times the quality of the deionized water. Thanks to their special construction made of reinforced polyester, the (P.V) devices withstand high pressures of up to 10 atm, they do not crack, and they do not crack and do not turn yellow over time like other transparent devices on the market. Also, their placement is floor-level and takes place anywhere you want in your space without the need to pierce walls to be placed in high points.


IONWATER has the ability to provide the lowest selling and market revival value for devices (P.V.). Finally, all of us IONWATER people have long been involved in the construction of handy deionizers and not only do we want all you professionals to have easy access and low prices without pressure and monopoly on water devices so you can achieve the goals of your business. We also undertake the replenishment of ZALION columns.

Replacement of any ZALION column (2,000-1,200-600) with P.V (2,400) deionizer is (-10%).
A basic requirement for this price to be valid is to return the replaced ZALION column (intact with its filler material) to our warehouse.

CAUTION: At the input of the water supply, place the pressure reducer and adjust to 2 bar for better operation of the appliance and system safety.